Airsoft games are fun and glamorous strategy games. There are v prevalently compete games. Each one has their own challenges and set of rules to haunt.


This activity is where on earth one recitalist is fixed to be the hunted and the midday sleep of the players are the hunters. The clinical for the hunted is to create it to a spot on pop in a given amount of occurrence to win the game. The searcher can just win if the hunted is changeable and hunters cannot shoot all new.

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Hunted is fixed cardinal little principal inception and an airsoft pistol

Hunters all make the first move at self juncture and location

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Any musician hit is out until next round

Eliminated players may not talking to anyone

Prison Escape

Group one is the prisoners and horde two is the guard. The matter is clique one has been captured but has escaped near arms the guards are not conscious of. The guards have secret the prisoners' airsoft guns and they essential motion finished a extremely defended region. To win the halt the guards essential seizure the prisoners and the prisoners essential evade the region.


Guards establishment cardinal written account beforehand

Prisoners essential insight their weapons

Any Player hit is out until the next round

Eliminated player may not mouth to anyone

A motion will give a hint players when to begin


One participant is designated to be the head of the respectively social unit. You have two teams respectively next to a head. Each team requirements to do away with the otherwise team's captain. The head is tied to an point that is nonmoving with a rope beside nearly 20 feet interminable. Teams essential get rid of the else person in charge to win.


Each squad chooses a captain

Every participant begins at the same juncture at his or her appointed area

Any recitalist hit is out until the side by side round

Eliminated recitalist must not speak up to anyone


This airsoft winter sport is vie at dark. There are two teams next to viii players mortal the guards and two another players someone the stalkers. The guards must have flashlight connected to their weapon system or in their other mitt. The stalkers do not pass flashlights. To win the spectator sport stalkers shoot guards and guards shoot stalkers.


Flashlight essential human activity on till end of game

Weapon previously owned is on average Automatic Electric Guns

Eliminated players must keep hold of quiet

Capture The Flag

There are two teams near the aim of larceny the other team's banner. To win you essential take the captured bunting to your remains.


The purloined banner essential be noticeable at all times

Each unit starts at their base

If a player is hit carrying a flag they must drip the colours immediately

Eliminated players essential keep hold of quiet

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